EpiscopalThe 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church held from 8 – 17 July in Anaheim, California, USA, adopted a resolution endorsing the Earth Charter and which encourage diocese, congregations, agencies and individuals to take action consonant with the Earth Charter locally, nationally and internationally.

The resolution had to pass the House of Bishops as well as the House of Deputies at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, both houses voted positively.

The resolution was proposed by both the Diocese of New York, after its Convention in November, 2008 and by the Diocese of Newark, following its convention in January, 2009. The Episcopal Church has about 2 million members.

This effort builds on numerous other efforts from the Episcopal church such as the recognition during its 75th General Convention, that “the use of fossil fuels harms air quality and public health and is contributing to changes in the global climate that threaten the lives and livelihoods of our neighbors around the world and be it further that the convention affirmed that our Christian response to global warming is a deeply moral and spiritual issue.”

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