Monks Without Borders will be presenting monthly chapter updates to our newsletter. This will be the first in a regular series to be posted throughout the year. Monks Without Borders chapters provide a local, service-based face to our organization. They take on whatever issues or activities each community feels is appropriate to its local area, while being mindful of unconditional love, creativity, and embracing people from all traditions and walks of life.

Our most active chapter, this first update will focus on our beautiful chapter in Lahore, Pakistan. We are so glad to be in touch with these wonderful individuals, led by Inderias Dominic Bhatti and Mohammad Ikhalq.  Their work comes at a not insignificant monetary cost to its members, and we’re always looking for generous donors of any kind to come forward and offer any support they feel they are able to provide.


“We spent 2009 trying to extend our passion and trying to increase our capacities and capabilities. There were three kinds of initiatives that we did. In each, we used our consciousness of  ‘Reverence for Life’ dignifying our fellow human beings with the kind of love that always seeks to do good to help and heal; never to hurt or destroy.”

– Visited with the outcast and neglected people.
– Provided counseling services for 14 drug addicts,
42 prisons inmates, 22 prostitutes, 33 rape victims,
and 68 children who were trauma victims.
– distributed 25 small food packages to hungry people.
– distributed 23 sets of winter clothing,
– distributed 27 pairs of shoes,
– distributed 12 quilts and 15 blankets,
– gave out cough and cold medicine during the winter.
– paid the utilities bill for some widows and orphans.
– smile campaign which was to extend smiles to the people,
– campaigned asking people to sign the charter for compassion.
– financial assistance for 32 child laborers and 17 enslaved servants.

In Sharing, We are,
Inderias Dominic Bhatti
and Mohammad Ikhalq
Chapter Co-Founders
Lahore, Pakistan