Our Chapter in Lahore, Pakistan has been working hard to heal those affected by the Mass shooting of the Islam Ahmadi sect that killed 90 people while in prayer, and injured over 100 more.
They have offered flowers, wreaths, candles, and 25 pints of blood to the wounded and their families.
In addition, they recently jointly organized an interfaith conference detailing the need to end the mindest of religious hatred in Pakistan.

Here is the news article writen by All Voices about the event

Responsibilities and Capacities

By Mrs. Shaheen Bhatti – Lahore – Pakistan.

(Lahore – Pakistan – Pakistan) Monks Without Borders Pakistan and Social Harmony Awareness and Development (SHAAD) held a one day session on   “Our Responsibilities and Capacities in the current extremism in Pakistan”.

The session started with Christian, Hindu, and Muslim prayers. The individual organizers were a World Role Model Peace Maker “HERO” and the focal person of Monks Without Borders Pakistan Mr. Inderias Dominic Bhatti and the Director of SHAAD Mr. Younis Tabasum (Lala).

There were 127 participants from all over Pakistan in Walton, Lahore (the event venue). The participants besides the arranging organizations were: Peace Ambassadors Pakistan, Collaborations against Religious violence and Extremism (CARVE), Enabling Ministry Pakistan , Ambassadors of  the charter for Compassion – Pakistan and individual interfaith and peace activists from all over Pakistan.

The speakers and participants spoke on the poverty, lack of opportunities, favoritism in social and state governesses, social and legal injustices, status divides, price hackings and many other reasons as the causes of the present “mindset of religious hatred” which in its cycles of way forward is moving with terrorism in Pakistan.

While responding to the resolution appeal from the participants Mr. Bhatti said that despite of the need of financial pooling for the operation of our response in this present “mindset of religious hatred” we need to start with the psyche and attitudes of  “reverence to life, human dignity and accepting the people with different perspectives about Life and God”.

Mr. Younis Tabasum added that dream is the very first thing that leads individuals and groups to move forward with their intentions which further become reality so we better use our present capacities which caste nothing but get the result beyond money. He assured that our dream and approach for harmony and development will punch the individuals and groups to stand with us and support us.

The participants and the speakers affirm the resolution unanimously which says:

On this day of 17th June, 2010 on the occasion of “Responsibilities and Capacities” session we affirm to be:

01. Be non-violent in our lives;

02. reverence life;

03. give dignity to all human being;

04. respect and accept the differences of perspectives about Life and God;

05. To do whatever we can, wherever it happened to be with all our capacities and resources.

Mr. Bhatti thanked the participants and speaker for their affirmation and stand. He also thanked: Peace Ambassadors Pakistan, SHAAD, Mohammad Ikhalq, Sunita Khan, Vision of Inclusion and Monks Without Borders – USA for their financial sponsorship of the event. (End) “