Outreach Director Seth Kinzie has written a blog on the website Intent. In the following post titled “Peace With Every Breath” he discusses  meditation. Despite the occasional uncomfortableness of keeping up  practice  Seth uses it as a platform to think about human experience. Telling us to seek “Peace with every breath, and peace with every step” .

Below is an excerpt from Seth’s blog on intent.com

Pacific rebellion. That’s how I’ve been viewing meditation lately when I sit at dawn in the morning with my Buddhist friends. There’s endless talk of hostility, deception, and wasteful deeds in the paper and daily conversation. What better way to counteract all of that – than to sit in awareness, with nothing to accomplish, for an hour.

I’m not a morning person either; I often grumble at having to get up at 5:30, although I do like the sounds of the birds before the sun rises, they seem to be most vibrant just after waking. Yet this rebellion with my friends, this pilgrimaging aimlessly with each breath, always turns out to be a good idea. There’s something wonderful about experiencing the rising and falling of the body, the breath, the thought, the sense that I have been blessed with the powerful opportunity to ignite life, or lie on my bed with no plans, or by calling a friend with good news, or with no news. Eventually, after settling down into a sit, I place my faith in the body to transform itself into something the slightest bit more serene, and all these wonders and worries disintegrate into colorful, indecipherable ash.

If you would like to read more about Seth’s thoughts you can follow this link